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d. The rules-b▓ased multilateral trading system should be upheld and necessary reforms to the World Trade Organization should be carried out to create an open, fair and non-discriminatory playing field, he said, adding d▓eveloping countries should be supported in continuing to enjoy "special and differential treatment."Stressing that fairness and justice should be u▓pheld to advance the reform of the inter

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national financial system, Wang said the G20 should continue to provide political guidance for the reform, push for the early launch and substantial▓ progress of the International Monetary Fund's 16th g▓eneral review of quotas, and increase the representation and voice of emerging markets and developing cou▓ntries.While emphasizing that balan▓ce and inclusiveness should be upheld to create condit▓ions for


sustainable development, Wang said sustainable development is the "golden key" to solving global issues.▓ "China is ready to share development experience with ot▓her countries and push for continuous progress▓ in global poverty reduction," he said.The Chinese stat▓e councilor said that China supports the G20 in providing po▓litical impetus for the implementation of the Paris Agreement on climate change, and is

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ready to work with all parties to achieve positive results at t▓he 25th session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, and make the 15th meeting of ▓the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on▓ Biological Diversity a success next year.Wang said that China supports the ▓G20 in giving priority to African issues in the long run, and supports the

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efforts ▓to help Africa overcome the three development bottlenecks of▓ backward infrastructure, shortage of talents ▓and shortage of funds, and solve the three livelihood issues of employment, food and clothing and▓ health, so that Africa can walk out of the "under-devel▓opment trap" and achieve sustainable dev▓elopment of its own.Guided by the notion of sincerity, practical results, affinity and good faith,

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and the p▓rinciple of upholding justice and pursuing ▓shared interests, China has spared no efforts to help Africa develop, Wang said. ▓China hoped that developed countries will also honor their commitments to Africa, he added.Facing a severe external environment, China's economy has made steady progress, he said. Noting ▓that the second China International Import Expo ▓is an unprecedented grand event, he

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